Kitchen Kettle Village is a collection of shopkeepers who love their work.  Each store has a specialty product or experience that is the focus of the inventory and merchandising strategy inside.   The guest service delivered by the shopkeepers must embody that strategy as well.

Although there is very little turnover of stores within the Village, periodically a space does become available.  If your idea for a retail store fits the criteria detailed above, please contact us to find out more about our leases and terms of engagement in order to become a part of the Village.

There is also sometimes an opportunity to “try out” your idea at one of our festivals in a temporary, outdoor space for the two days of either the Rhubarb Festival in May or the Tailgate Festival in September.  Some of our permanent stores were temporary stores first.  We each found that the guests reacted well to a concept, bought the merchandise and so we found a permanent store for that prospective tenant.

We look forward to hearing from you!