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Roasted Cashews Recipe


Here’s a quick, easy, HEART healthy snack you can serve at parties, special events, tailgating, etc. This recipe is one that my Dad, Joe, makes. Family and friends can’t get enough of them!


  • 2 cups whole unsalted or salted cashews
  • Nonstick skillet


Place cashews in a nonstick skillet and roast
over medium-high heat. Once they start to
slightly darken lower heat and continue to roast
stirring often until they have a slightly burnt aroma
and turn as dark as you prefer. The cooking time
is very quick, only taking a few minutes. These
are an excellent, healthy and quick treat to put
out for your family or guests, and they are perfect
tossed into a salad! Be careful if planning to eat
right away, they need to cool down a bit because
they get very hot. Serve warm or room temperature.

You do not need to use oil. The natural oil in the nuts will help them to roast perfectly!

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