You won't find quilts made in quilting bees. Or manufactured in a factory. We set out in 1998 on a quest. To find the best quilters in the area to design and make quilts for our shop. You will find out quilts being made in over 100 homes by individual artists. All selected for their special talents from the local communities found in Lancaster, Chester and Bucks Counties. Every day our quilters work making each quilt you find in our shop in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Some artists work on many quilts in a year's time. While some work all year on a single quilt. All are a piece of art destined to become someone's family heirloom.

Our Mission: To preserve the art of the local hand quilting and hand appliqué that has been here for centuries. And to bring work to the artists who live here.

Our Promise: Not to be caught up in the new trend of machine quilting, and time saving shortcuts. We guarantee that each quilt will be an original handmade work of art. One that the artist, myself and you are proud of.

Imagine a shop filled with the finest quilts from the finest quilters.

You will find we do not have all the various patterns you may see at the consignment shop. The patterns we do offer have been perfected and personalized by the quilt artist. Artists are how we view each of our quilters. Whether they are from the Amish or Mennonite communities or are locally taught textile artists, each one has a very special talent that we want to celebrate and cherish.

As you peruse through Village Handmade you will be entertained by all the colors and textures. And then, like magic, the quilt of your dreams appears.

Each quilter's work is unique and very, very special.

We set some pretty high standards for our quilters to follow, and then set out to find the best quilters in Lancaster, Chester and Bucks Counties. We currently have relationships with over 100 quilters. A few requirements each quilter must follow to have their work represented by Village Handmade are to be willing to work with us on:

  1. selecting only the finest quality fabrics,
  2. development of new designs and maintaining integrity of traditional patterns,
  3. determining the right technique in execution.

Each piece must be quilted by an individual quilter, not a group of quilters. And each quilter needs to be on a predetermined schedule. All these steps are put into place to produce the quality works of art you will find at Village Handmade.