1. We have been in business and part of Kitchen Kettle Village since 1997.
  2. Our quilts are all hand quilted.
  3. Each quilt is quilted by one person to ensure uniform stitches and superior quality.
  4. The majority of our quilters are exclusive to Village Quilts.
  5. We commision our quilts from local quilters.
  6. We select the fabrics and the design. We also encourage original designs, as well as revising old designs to achieve a modern look.
  7. Our quilts are of heirloom quality and will be treasured from generation to generation.
  8. We provide a certificate with your quilt to guarantee its authenticity for posterity and insurance purposes.
  9. Care instructions are included.
  10. If the quilt you purchase isn't right for your room setting, we will gladly take it back within 7 days.