Washpin Pals

Where Clothespins come to life using a creative mind, a little magic and a lot of imagination.

Washpin Pals

Located between Perfect Pots and The County Life at Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse, PA. You will see the wide variety of handmade clothespin dolls or “Washpin Pals” created for you by Linda and Clarence Shollenberger.

Traveling down the roads of Pennsylvania Dutch country, you’re sure to see a couple of wash lines with laundry hanging out to dry. These Lancaster County wash lines use the old fashioned, round clothespins that our grandparents and ancestors used many years ago.

Linda and Clarence use these clothespins to make a large variety of dolls, clowns, bears, rabbits, cats, cows, angels and many more creations. Some are intricate dolls jointed with moveable arms, knees and legs and others are just simple dolls made with one clothespin. Linda hand paints all the faces and both of them make all the handmade outfits to show off the dolls unique personality. When their creations are completed, they are signed and dated.

Seasonal and personalized Washpin Pals are also available. Contact us for special orders.