Pappys Kettle Korn

Pappy's Kettle Korn at Kitchen Kettle Village is your Lancaster County Tradition

Pappys Kettle Korn

We have popped hundreds of tons of popcorn kernels over more than a decade. Every batch has that perfect slightly sweet, slightly salty combination that you crave.

• Our Kettle Korn is always made using the finest ingredients available. Have you ever seen a bigger – rounder popcorn kernel?

• Who knew that Karamel Korn could taste so good?
• The caramel is made from scratch and then layered over our already delicious Kettle Korn kernels.
• It's a rich, buttery experience that delights and impresses.

• Cinnamon Roasted Almonds in the finest German Tradition.
• We've imported a Mandelbox from Germany. It's a rare privilege to roast almonds in the original roaster introduced in 1954 at the world famous "Oktoberfest Munich".

Yes, it's all made right here.
Yes, it's going to taste great.
Yes, you're going to come back for more.