By Candle Light

Let your senses come alive with the sights and smells of candles.

By Candle Light

Step inside By Candle Light and surround yourself with candles. Find a great selection of traditional and contemporary candles and unique accessories for all decors. Enjoy unique specialty items including hand blown glass fragrance lamps, Glow Bowls, incense and much more. The candles and accessories come from all over the world and include favorites such as:

  • Barrick Candles
  • Alexandria Lamps - Art for the Senses
  • Lifetime Candles - unscented and lasts forever
  • Crabapple Hollow
  • Welsh Mountain
  • White Caterpillar Stackable Candles
  • 1803
  • Milk Reclamation
  • Candle Warmers & Oil Diffusers

If you're not a huge fan of fragrances in your home, our Barrick Design Candles are just for you! Not only are they locally handcrafted, but they're also scentless candles that look very modern and stylish in any room setting due to their distinct crackled patterns. We have plenty of colors to choose from!

Our Crabapple Hollow and Welsh Mountain candles are popular products that are locally made too! Both companies specialize in producing all natural ingredient scented candles like soy and palm wax. 


Ty and his friendly staff will help you find those unique items to make your home special. Can't make it to our shop? Shop online at