Ana's Captivating Designs

Make Everyday A Little More Beautiful with Ana's Captivating Designs...

Ana's Captivating Designs

Get ready for all seasons of the year with quality accessories and layering pieces including hats, pins, scarves, mittens and other hand-made creations to add style to your wardrobe.

Ana's artistic roots stem from Europe where she studied fashion design and created beautiful dresses. Today, she enjoys living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where she continues to design essential accessories for ladies that venerate the Village of Intercourse's simple lifestyle and natural beauty while taking you back to old Europe.

Hence her designs embrace rich folkloric heritage patterns, unexpected classical twists, and colorful as well as neutral pallets that express individuality, and articulate something about your personality. The essence of her creations embodies cohesiveness, and attention to details, and echos a simple art. Ana's intent is to elevate your natural beauty from nature and make every day joyfully comfortable without hurting Mother Earth.

If you are searching for something exceptional, creative, simple, couture quality, and locally made, then Ana's exceptional designs will resonate and delight your unique being. She promises - you cannot get enough...