Your Big Game Party Plan!

I am a PA girl. I love my Penn State football (and players)! I also cheer for the Eagles and the Steelers. Since I have no PA teams in the Big Game this year and no Saquon Barkley to cheer for…I turn my focus to the food and games to make the party special.

The key to success for me when party planning is to keep it simple. If not, I get very stressed out and that takes the fun out of the entire event. Even though I am not a fan of the Patriot’s or the Ram’s, I do enjoy watching football. That means I want to watch the game & the commercials and not be in the kitchen all day. Here are a few of my favorite recipes that are easy, delicious and include my favorite entertaining ingredients (Kitchen Kettle products).

  1. Cherry Jalapeno Cheese Spread – this flavorful cheese spread uses grated sharp cheese, toasted pecans, green onions and it is iced with a combination of Kitchen Kettle Cherry Jam and Kitchen Kettle Jalapeno Jam. Serve with crackers and it will soon become a fan favorite. I actually make it for every family gathering because my kids and nephews love it! You might want to double the recipe if making for a large crowd because it goes fast!

  2. Game Day Meatballs – make these in the crockpot and they remain self-sufficient all game long (unless they all are devoured, then you need to turn the crockpot off). The Kitchen Kettle Village Sweet Chili Sauce is the secret ingredient in this meatball recipe.

  3. Chips & Salsa – get your favorite tortilla chips (my favorite is Whole Food’s Chili Lime Tortilla Chips) then add a few types of Kitchen Kettle salsa’s – we have eight to choose from. I recommend Kitchen Kettle Zesty Salsa & Kitchen Kettle Pineapple Salsa. You could also always get all eight and let your guests vote on their favorite.

  4. If you have chips and salsa – you need some guac! Here is a recipe for Phyllis’s Easy Guacamole that uses Kitchen Kettle Zesty Salsa.

  5. Veggies & Dip – you need this for your health-conscious friends. Pick up a veggie tray at your local grocery store. Try making our Vegetable Dip using a combination of cream cheese and Kitchen Kettle Village Pepper Relish.

  6. Sweet Treats – I am not a baker, so I like to purchase cookies & whoopie pies from the Kitchen Kettle Village Bake Shop. Or pick-up some cupcakes or brownies from your local grocery store. The town of Intercourse has a great cupcake bakery called Sweet Shenanigans Cupcakery with an everchanging offering of delectable cupcakes.

  7. Beverages – make our Cherry Apple Crush (the addition of extra spirits is your call, but your guests might enjoy that), lots of bottled water, soda and beer.

To keep the party lively, I encourage you to offer some games to your guests. Those of your friends who are not huge football fans will appreciate your extra effort to make the event more fun for them. Check out the link that shares 25 game ideas including ‘Super Bowl Commercial Bingo’, indoor cornhole, end zone dance contest and much more. Tailor your games to the guests who will be attending your party. Encourage guests to wear their favorite jersey’s (even if their team is not playing) and don’t forget a few fun decorations.

What are you waiting for? Use this blog post as a game plan for your big party…and whatever you do have fun!


-Lisa Horn

Director of Fun

Kitchen Kettle Village

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