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Hello from one of the many mail order and shipping elves at Kitchen Kettle Village! It’s November, which means it is time to put down the Halloween candy and start putting together your holiday game plan. When to decorate? Who to visit? What to cook? So many plans to make! And then there’s gifts…

As someone who has already spent some time focusing on our website and gifting program for the holidays, perhaps I can save you some time by sharing what we have been doing to be able to offer the Best Gifts Ever from Kitchen Kettle Village this year.

Personalization is key!

Remember the good ol’ days of buying multiples the same blue truck for your 3 nephews? That doesn’t fly anymore. One may want blue, but another wants yellow, and the third wants red. People are starting to expect customization and we have tried to offer that through boxes where you can custom-select your items.

Everyone has a “thing”!

More-and-more people aren’t just “into” specific flavors, they are obsessed. We all know someone who wakes up and has pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, sips pumpkin coffee all day long and then follows up dinner with pumpkin pie. If you know they love pumpkin, or bacon, or spicy, or whatever, get them what they love! We have worked to bring you more baskets focused on specific flavors.

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