Great Gifts to Fulfill Your Wishlist!

With over 40 unique shops, restaurants and lodging you never know what cool gifts you might find. Because there are so many great gifts, I narrowed my focus to a few of my favorites! 

  1. A handcrafted ornament from Village Quilts. Each year two artist, Eileen and Susan, create a collection of nature inspired ornaments.
  2. Add a touch of magic to your daily aromatherapy with a unique diffuser that when turned on lights up and give off your choice of an essential oil scent. Purifying your home during the dreary winter months. Available at By Candle Light.
  3. An affordable pair of earrings from the quality Brighton brand. Featuring Swarovski crystal, and a one year warranty. So many choices for under $30!
  4. Fun Natural Life products at Good Vibes. My favorite is the Boho Bandeau® and all the different ways to wear them! They are so cute & casual we like to call them "effortless outfit makers"! They don't slip on your head and are perfect for bad hair days, exercise, and the beach.
  5. Looking for a ‘Man’ gift? The Deerskin Leather Shop has countless choices for the man in your life. My favorite? Secrid Wallet, made in Holland, features a patented mechanism that allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use. The aluminium protects from bending, breaking and protects your identity.
  6. What about a functional, one size fits ALL gift from Girls Day Out? Starting at $26 rainy days do not have to be boring anymore! Make your own statement with an umbrella featuring famous artwork.
  7. A Fottera bracelet from The Jewelry Box. This line of jewelry is handmade by a husband and wife team in Hawaii.  They feature custom landscape pictures, and are the perfect gift because they are one size fits most.


If the thought of holiday shopping does not sound enjoyable, I invite you to Kitchen Kettle Village this holiday season. Start with breakfast at The Kling House and then start your shopping adventure. You’ll find everything from locally made items, to national brands, to homemade food and so much more. And did I mention, you’ll have fun? The Village is open Monday-Saturday from 9-5pm (the Kling House opens at 8am for breakfast). Come on a Friday night (Thanksgiving-December 20th) when we stay open late until 9pm or on a Saturday and enjoy live music, marshmallow roasting and complimentary hot beverages to get you into the holiday spirit. Happy holidays – and remember to stay calm & shop on!

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