A Kitchen Kettle Hidden Treasure

Many people only know about the shops we have at Kitchen Kettle, and are excited to find out they can stay the night.

With a cozy village atmosphere, numerous shops to explore, and live street music, this bed and breakfast-like inn is packed with fun for the whole family. We have 17 rooms/suites that are spread out among the shops of Kitchen Kettle Village. No two accommodations are alike. Our homey rooms and suites feature queen sized and king sized luxury beds, and we also have spacious suites as well.

inn at kitchen kettle village


The rooms vary, with different lay outs and signature quilt runners placed at the ends of the beds. Every room includes your own bathroom, TV, travel mugs, bottled water, and amenities. You even get a mini kitchenette that’s filled with coffee and treats to try! On top of that, we include a breakfast at the Kling House Restaurant, where you will be able to pick from three delicious options on us.

inn at kitchen kettle village


inn at kitchen kettle village

A typical day at Kitchen Kettle Village includes a friendly welcome at the Inn lobby, getting settled into your relaxing guest room, and then walking around discovering all of our wonderful shops! Just to give you a taste of our food-lover shops, we have a jam and relish kitchen, a bake shop, a fudge shop, a meat & cheese shop, and much more. Most of these places have product samples and cooking demonstrations! Through the village, you also hear live music playing from our various street performers.

It’s easy to book a room on our website, but we also love receiving calls from our guests and getting you set up with a room on the phone. We hope to see you soon!

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