It’s Back to School Time!

Many students are heading back to school, including college students!

Hello all! My name is Adrian, and I have been the Kitchen Kettle Village Marketing Intern this summer. A little bit about me, I am marketing student heading into my senior year of college. My journey at Kitchen Kettle began in 2015, while I was in high school and began working in the Jam & Relish Kitchen. I think the Jam & Relish Kitchen is such a fun place for guests to explore new flavors and foods they would not normally try! My favorite product in the Jam & Relish Kitchen is the Pineapple Salsa, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies from the Bake Shop. I love working at Kitchen Kettle Village, it’s a great place to meet folks from all around the world!

Throughout the summer, I have worked alongside the marketing department in planning our summer festivals and events. At the beginning of my internship in May, we held the Annual Rhubarb Festival. Though the festival experienced not so great weather, it was still a fun weekend full of delicious rhubarb treats. Our next festival, Splash into Summer, took place in mid-June. Splash into Summer was a great success and I loved planning and advertising all the fun summer activities and delicious food featured for the event. Yummie’s Birthday Party on August 4th was one of my largest projects for the summer. I spearheaded the event, and took charge of planning all of its moving parts and aspects. We had 10 different local mascots participate in Yummie’s Birthday Party, as well as Brett Myers, a local illusionist! It was very rewarding seeing the event come to life and be a success. To all of the readers who came to Yummie’s Birthday Party, I hope you and your family had a great time!

photo yummies birthday party

Besides festival planning and coordination, social media has been my main focus this summer at Kitchen Kettle Village. If you have seen or followed our Instagram page, @kitchenkettle, I hope you loved all of our posts and stories this summer. I loved taking fun pictures to post on our Instagram, to exhibit all the great things the Village has to offer. Our Pinterest page has also been growing, and I enjoyed creating graphics and curating new boards. Check out our Pinterest page @kitchenkettle, and pin some Lancaster County favorites to share with friends!

During my time as the marketing intern, I have learned so much and grown tremendously as a businesswomen and individual. Working alongside the world-class professionals at Kitchen Kettle Village, I have learned more about digital marketing and events than I ever could have in a classroom. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn from the best at Kitchen Kettle Village, while having fun everyday at this amazing company! I hope that all of you reading check out our social media accounts @kitchenkettle, and visit us again very soon!

-Adrian Madonna, Summer Marketing Intern

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