The Hidden Gems of Kitchen Kettle Village

Many people think of Lancaster County as a secret escape for a peaceful and relaxing getaway. Kitchen Kettle Village is often one of the places they explore while traveling for a fun day filled with shopping and indulging. Did you know there are hidden gems within the Village that are commonly missed among guests when they make a trip? We compiled a list of these favored locations so the next time you plan a trip, you have something extra to explore!  

 Happy Camper:

 Happy Camper is Kitchen Kettle’s newest shop located right off the parking lot by Paw Prints and Girls Day Out. They offer a great assortment of camping related apparel and decor. Something special the shop provides is a sweet treat experience on Saturdays. They have a cozy fire pit set up and allow guests to roast marshmallows by the fire!



Selfie Stations:

 Our mission at Kitchen Kettle is to create lasting memories for friends and family as they visit the Village. Something many guests love to stumble upon is the selfie stations located throughout the property. These picture-perfect locations are set up outside several shops so you and your group can capture your visit with some special photos. 

Deerskin Leather:

Happy Camper:

Village Handmade:

Girls Day Out:


The Inn:

 Something guests love to learn is that Kitchen Kettle Village is home to a wonderful Inn, with 18 rooms nestled throughout the Village. The Balcony View room is located over the Gift House and Good Vibes shops. The room has a balcony, and you often see guests enjoying the day from the rocking chairs on their porch! The front desk is located in the same building as Village Handmade. 


Relax with a View:

 There are several chairs and benches located throughout the Village to sit down and relax. One of the best views of the beautiful Amish country is located at the back right of the parking lot. There are two white Adirondack chairs that are positioned perfectly to view nothing but beautiful farmland. You often see couples and friends taking a moment and enjoying the quaint view!


 Did you know there is a courtyard in the Village? Located right next to Village Handmade, this private area is often missed amongst guests traveling to Kitchen Kettle. The area has several benches and is perfectly shaded to cool off in the summer heat!

Country Life Cottage:

 Formerly known the Village pop-up shop site, this space is the home of the new Country Life Cottage. Located between Roasted Rooster and Jam and Relish Kitchen, this unique indoor-outdoor shop has a wonderful selection of in-season home decor and gift options.

Local Charms:

 Did you know The Jewelry Bar designs their own local charms? In partnership with Pandora, the shop creates several new designs every year. They recently released an engraved sterling silver Lancaster County bracelet! Many customers love to collect these charms to remember their trip to Lancaster and Kitchen Kettle Village.


Event Favors:

 If you have a bridal shower, party, or wedding, consider customizing your favor or giveaway through Kitchen Kettle Village! There are many options, such as handmade bar soap, olive oil, honey, or jam that you can create, with a customized label for your event. Through working with the Village Event Favor Specialist, you can select the perfect color, font, and label that best represents you and your event!

Roasted Rooster:

The Roasted Rooster Coffee Company is a staple pick-me-up when exploring the Village. They have a plethora of drink options, including seasonal options throughout the year. They offer a loyalty program for every time you purchase a specialty drink, you get a stamp. On your 10th stamp, you get a free drink! With that, they offer an exclusive coffee line of ground k-cups and bagged coffee to purchase and brew from home! They recently released their own line of custom Kitchen Kettle mugs and travel cups. Stop in and check put their wonderful souvenirs.


Now that you have learned a few best kept secrets of Kitchen Kettle Village, plan your next trip today! 






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