Get Crafty with DIY Holiday Carolers

The Holidays are in full swing at Kitchen Kettle Village!

If you have ever been to Kitchen Kettle Village during the holidays, you have seen our various holiday decorations. It typically takes a little over a week to decorate the entire Village. Many people contribute, which adds to our cozy family-friendly feel. Year after year, we have guests ask us about our carolers by the Bake Shop. How are they made? Where can I buy them?  So here’s the story… they were purchased about 20 years ago and sadly the vendor no longer exists.  It’s ok though, we can walk you through the step by step process to make your own carolers.

Let’s get started:

  1. Start with a block of wood about 30” to 36” tall (a yard stick) and about 2”x 6” wide.  We have 16 or so carolers and they are all the same size, but they are on a set of 3 risers to give the look of a choir.  You can try different sizes, widths & heights to mimic different people.
  1. Use wood primer to prime the entire wood block (especially if using outdoors). Allow time to dry.
  1. Paint flesh tone paint on the top half of block (bottom half will be covered in clothing). Allow time to dry.
  1. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, take a black Sharpie and draw very simple eyes, nose and mouth (preferably in an oval shape to mimic singing).

DIY Wooden Carolers

  1. Glue on hair. Go to your favorite craft store to find hair (yarn or cut up a wig…be creative). Our carolers only have hair sticking out of their hats, so depending on how you want yours to look, you may not need to cover their entire head.
  1. Pick clothes. Use real hats, sweaters or sweat shirts. If you’re putting them outside use old shirts or purchase hats and shirts from the Dollar Store or Goodwill. Use college sweatshirts for a collegiate theme or ugly Christmas sweaters for a little whimsy. If you’re planning on putting them inside, feel free to upgrade your clothing quality.
  1. Dress them! Nail or staple the shirt on in the back and pull the sleeves into a prayer position in the front and nail them to the wood block.  DIY Wooden Caroler

DIY Wooden Carolers

8. Next, grab your hat and scarf. Nail the hat onto the top of your caroler. This will also help secure the hair.DIY Wooden Carolers

9. Secure their “hands”.  We opted to have ours looking like they are in the prayer position or holding their song sheets.DIY Wooden Carolers

DIY Wooden Carolers

10. Place them.  Like I mentioned before, ours are on steps (we made a riser stand to resemble a choir). If you have a porch, you could simply place them on your stairs or lining your walkway.  Get creative!

DIY Wooden Caroler

Our Kitchen Kettle Village Carolers

Have fun with this project, make them your own. The quirkier the better. They make a charming, rustic, whimsical Christmas decoration and they’ll be a huge hit. Send us pictures of your finished carolers. We’d love to see them and share on Facebook & Instagram!

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