Finding the Perfect Gift Made Easy

The holidays shouldn’t be stressful.

I focus most of my attention in November and December on the Mail Order and shipping departments at Kitchen Kettle. I help assure our guests can find the perfect gifts on our website or when they call, and then that those gifts arrive where and when we promise them. This means my own holiday shopping often takes a backseat to someone else’s. However, year-after-year I continue to give family and friends some pretty well-received and memorable gifts they really seem to appreciate.

I would credit that to two things:

  • I am lucky enough to work in the Village, where I have a great supply of friend and family favorites I can grab at the last minute. Tuscan Herb Olive Oil for Aunt Judy, check. Strawberry Preserves for Grandma, check. A few small gift baskets for anyone I forgot, check. However, I realize not everyone’s place of business is as ideal for this.

Kitchen Kettle Village Foods

  • I shop online more and more every year. Here are ten few reasons why:
    • No car necessary! Gas, traffic, and parking can be a serious drain on money and time.
    • No salespeople necessary! Information is a click away.
    • No checkout lines! Nobody likes lines.
    • No business hours! The internet is always open.
    • No receipts to track down! Just check your e-mail or login to the site you made the purchase from.
    • Easy price shopping! No more “finding it cheaper than what I just paid” rage.
    • Online-only specials! Everyone likes a deal.
    • Direct shipping! Set a shipping date at checkout, and have the gift shipped directly to the recipient.
    • You can shop “local” on the world wide web! Every year, more and more small businesses are opening up shop online.
    • Personalization! Tons of personalized options. At Kitchen Kettle, we offer mini-jars.

If you don’t shop online much or at all, making that change could save you a lot of time, energy, and money! Don’t live locally?  Give us a call! You can place phone orders too.

Need some ideas? Take a look at some of my favorites…

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kitchen kettle chips and salsa

kitchen kettle breakfast

kitchen kettle village grilling sauces

Hope to hear from you soon!

Anthony Mead – Offsite Sales & Logistics

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