And the Best Village Baked Good is...

Not many people can leave Kitchen Kettle Village without a bag of warm cookies or a fresh baked pie in hand. The Village Bakery, a staple of Kitchen Kettle for decades, is known for serving up the best Lancaster County favorites with a smile. For years, people have come back time and time again to stock up on their favorites, and now we even ship them across the country to our loyal guests. Really, there is nothing like a delicious fresh baked cookie—it reminds all of us of home! 

Recently, we did a poll on our Instagram page to hear what our guests think is the best Village baked good, and the results are in…. 

The #1 favorite baked good is a tie! Our guests equally love the Shoofly Pie and Gingerbread Cookies. And really, I can’t say I’m surprised. As a team member for eight years (one who has worked at the cookie counter myself from time to time), I know how much people love these products, and how often they come back for them.


But as a Lancaster County local and Kitchen Kettle team member, I have my own favorites. One of the great perks of working at the Village is the free cookie every day (which I’ve surely taken advantage of— I’ve tried nearly every kind of cookie we make!). While nothing beats a warm chocolate chip cookie, fresh out of the oven, my go-to is a white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookie. Sweet and tart, this cookie was a great addition to our recipe book a few years ago. 

For visitors to our Village, I have my own recommendations. While the Shoofly pie and Gingerbread cookies are a definite must-try, you can’t visit Lancaster County without trying a fresh Whoopie Pie. The chocolate cake-vanilla icing combo is classic, but my personal favorite is the pumpkin whoopies filled with vanilla cream. It’s fall in Lancaster County in a bite, and is a must-have when you visit! 

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