Go Back to School with Kitchen Kettle

Can you believe that the summer is already winding down and back to school season is here? Getting yourself and your kiddos ready for the school year can be a daunting task but we are here to help! With quick dinner recipes, packable lunch ideas, and simple snacks back to school season can be much easier.

Simple Snacks

Quick Dinner Recipes

  • Soup mixes

    • Wipe the dust off of your pressure cooker and get ready for a fall full of yummy soups.

  • Spaghetti with Kitchen Kettle Marinara Sauces

    • Did you know that our line of marinara sauces is made with no added sugar? They’re sweetened with carrots! 

  • Baked chicken breast with salsa

    • Our guests often tell us how they love to bake chicken with our fruit salsa, and we couldn’t agree more. For a simple dinner solution, use your favorite Kitchen Kettle salsa and marinade chicken breasts or thighs overnight. Then bake to your discretion in a casserole dish salsa overtop. We suggest serving with rice or quinoa alongside your favorite veggies. 

  • Personal pizzas

    • Prepare your own pizza crust or purchase premade crusts (we love cauliflower crusts for a lighter option)

    • Add Kitchen Kettle's delicious Marinara Sauces in a circular motion to the crust with the backside of a spoon, starting in the center and working toward the outer crust

    • Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over your pizza

    • Add your favorite toppings to give it a personal touch

    • Bake until cheese slightly browns around edges and crust is golden brown

    • Enjoy your delicious creation!

Packable Lunch Ideas

  • Chicken salad

    • Chicken salad sandwiches or wraps can be a delicious substitute for a typical lunch meat sandwich. Add our Cranberry Orange Marmalade just like we do in our Kling House Restaurant to your favorite chicken salad recipe and serve in a wrap or on bread with lettuce. We recommend a handful of your favorite nuts to go alongside your chicken salad entrée for a hearty and filling lunch!

  • Peanut butter and jelly

    • With countless options of jams, jellies, preserves, and fruit butters made by hand in our Jam & Relish Kitchen your peanut butter and jelly sandwich never be boring!

  • Adding a Whoopie Pie to any lunch

    • The whoopie pie came out of the Amish culture and they did not have a written history but rather a verbal history passed down from generation to generation. The ladies would do their baking for the week and would often have left over batter for cake and icing. With the leftovers they would make cake wafers which they would put icing in between to make a whoopie pie. They would wrap them up in wax paper and put them in their husband and childrens’ lunch pail. Their husband and children would open the lunches and they would see the special dessert they would yell…”Whoopieee!” Pick up freshly baked whoopie pies from our Bake Shop and see what all the hype is about!

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