7 "Must Try" Village Foods

It’s no secret that food is a key part of the Kitchen Kettle Village experience. When visiting the Village there are a plethora of options available, so many people ask what some of the best snacks and foods are. That’s why we’ve compiled this list with input from team members and guests to help you know what stops you definitely can’t miss.

  1. Kickin’ Pickles

            Kickin’ Pickles are a fan favorite here at the Village. Kitchen Kettle makes some of the best pickles in the area, blending the perfect amount of flavor with an intense crunch that never fails to satisfy. The Kickin’ Pickles are blended with habanero to bring a unique “kick” that will knock your socks off (without being too hot).

  1. Lapp Valley Farm Homemade Ice Cream

            Lapp Valley Farm has their own shop here in the Village where they sell homemade PA Dutch Ice Cream. Their ice cream is loved by everyone because of its rich flavor and mouth watering creaminess that comes from their special ingredient, the rich milk from jersey cows that are raised at their own local farm. Lapp Valley also has their very own handmade kettle potato chips that are a popular snack in the village.

  1. Chow Chow

            Chow Chow is a time honored classic in Lancaster County. Kitchen Kettle’s chow chow is a popular blend of four types of beans, carrots, cauliflower, pearl onions, and red peppers. The veggie blend is pickled in a salt and vinegar base and makes for a delicious and tangy treat. The recipe Kitchen Kettle uses is sure to be the best, as our late founder, Pat Burnley, spent years trying to perfect. It truly is a unique product that traditionally was invented as a way to use up the last of the season's harvest.

  1. Pappy’s Kettle Korn

            If you have ever visited the Village, you have probably tried Pappy’s Kettle Korn. Pappy’s produces some of the freshest and best tasting Kettle Korn you can find. Oftentimes this is a guest favorite because of the sweet and savory aroma that floats through the Village whenever Pappy’s starts a fresh batch.

  1. Pepper Lane Fudge

            We didn’t list any specific item for this one for a reason. Pepper Lane Fudge is a spot that can not be missed in the Village. Everything from homemade chocolates and candies to fresh homemade fudge can be found at this sweet stop. Their fudge is a favorite because not only is it delicious, but it doesn’t melt (making it the perfect to-go treat).

  1. BLT Fries

            The BLT Fries can be found in the Harvest Cafe here in the heart of the Village. They are a guest favorite, and for good reason. A pile of fries topped with lettuce, bacon, tomato, and a ranch aioli, they are sure to satisfy. They also are a hit because of their different combinations. They also come in buffalo and chili cheese fries.

  1. Double Smoked Sweet Bologna

            Aged and Cured’s Double Smoked Sweet Bologna is a delicious local favorite. A traditional sweet bologna with a hint of smokiness is taken to the next level with a double smoked outer layer that adds layers of flavor to this delectable snack.

            Now that you know the favorites here at the Village, it might be time to plan your next visit!

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