30 Days of Thanks

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” -Alfred North Whitehead

Each November we take time to give thanks for the many people who keep the Village running like a well oiled machine!

There are so many behind the scenes teams that guests may not ever know about them. We’ve dedicated each day this month to saying thank you.  Take a minute to share in our thanks…

November 1 – November 1st is always dedicated to Pat Burnley. It’s the kick off to our 30 Days of Thanks. It all started with her and her late husband Bob, and we are forever grateful.

November 2- Today we are thankful for The Kling House Restaurant. The Kling House Restaurant is the home of Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA. The house nurtured three generations of Klings and Burnleys before the Lancaster County farmhouse became a restaurant. The front porch, living room, dining room and office remain in tact but now we greet hungry guests for breakfast or lunch. 


November 3- As part of our 30 Days of Thanks, we need to thank the amazing women in the kitchen who make all the products you love so much! These local farm women are a huge part of The Jam & Relish Kitchen at Kitchen Kettle Village. If you have been to the Jam & Relish Kitchen you know the open air kitchen is a “No Photo Zone” and we like to respect our employee’s privacy.

November 4- We can’t forget to show love to our overstuffed gingerbread mascot, Yummie, and all his zany friends! Each year Yummie’s Birthday Party is a huge success because of all the local businesses who send out their mascots. 

November 5 – There is always something fun happening in the Village! One of those fun things just happens to be live music! Between festivals with live bands, christmas carolers, Student Musical Groups from 20 to 220 students, and our “regular” Village musicians performing most days of the week, there is always something to keep your toes tappin’! 

November 6- As the first store at Kitchen Kettle Village, today we are thankful for Jam & Relish Kitchen. With a range, 30 kettles, and a half-dozen recipes a jelly business was born in 1954. 

Jam & Relish Kitchen

November 7- Kitchen Kettle Village is a third generation family owned business. Today we are thankful for the continued dedication from the Burnley family. 

November 8- Thanks to our energetic shipping and receiving team! We are in awe of how you keep product moving in and out of the Village!

November 9- If you have ever given us a call or stopped by the office, you would have spoken with our amazing front desk staff. They are the glue that keeps us all together! 

November 10- We can’t forget to give thanks for FOOD and all the food service team members in the Village.  What’s your favorite Kitchen Kettle Village food?

November 11- Our Village is so special because it is made up of so many unique shops. Since our beginnings in a garage in 1954, we have grown to a Village of 42 shops, restaurants and lodging.  We are so grateful for all the wonderful shopkeepers and shops that help make our quaint Village!

November 12- This group of folks are behind the scenes crunching numbers and keeping the Village on budget. Today we are thankful for our awesome accounting and finance team! 

November 13- If you have ever wondered how we keep the village running and looking so good, it’s because of these great guys! The Maintenance Team is often overlooked because they are behind the scenes of basically everything here in the village. They do painting, landscaping, warehouse, parking, heavy lifting, and everything in between! Thanks guys! 

November 14- You’ve probably noticed we like to have a good time. So much so that fun is one of our core values (along with Safety, Efficiency, Integrity, and Community). Join us in thanking our Fun Committee for making work, well…fun. 

November 15- Have you met our Village Hosts? They brave the elements and soak up the sun as they greet buses and other guests to the Village. They answer questions, give directions, and always wear a smile. Today we are thankful for our great group of Village Hosts. 

November 16- Our events, activities and festivals are your invitation to fun-filled and stress-free days. Festival season in Lancaster County starts in the spring with Kitchen Kettle Village’s annual Rhubarb Festival and goes until December when we celebrate Christmas with old-fashioned activities and entertainment. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience one of these delicious food festivals in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country! Today we are thankful for all our festivals, events and event sponsors!

November 17- We want to thank you for being great customers! November 17th was our BE Thankful Event where guests could join us for a day of fun and customer appreciation as well as check in at several stores for specials, opportunities to win great prizes, and fun.

November 18- As many of you know, Kitchen Kettle Village showcases all that Lancaster County has to offer — homemade baked goods, jams and relishes, good food with unexpected touches and charming one-of-a-kind overnight lodging in a picturesque countryside. We’re also famous for our unique shopping experience, featuring 40 distinct merchants offering everything from locally-made art, pottery and PA Dutch quilts to name-brand favorites like Brighton, PANDORA Jewelry, UGG and Minnetonka moccasins. Today we are thankful for ALL the wonderful shops here at the Village…Together they make the Village, Simply World Famous! 


November 19- Have you ever ordered from Kitchen Kettle via phone or online? Just another behind the scenes team who often goes unrecognized. We have the greatest mail order team!

November 20- Today, we are thankful for all the bus groups who take the time to stop at Kitchen Kettle Village! The village has been blessed to have a large group following and we are so happy to welcome all the drivers, tour guides, and bus groups! We can’t forget to thank our group greeters (the village hosts) and our Group Sales Director, Lisa A!

November 21- Today, we are thankful for the Marketing Department at Kitchen Kettle Village and their dedication to creating fun in the village for employees and guests. They’re in charge of throwing parties for thousands of people, rockin’ the Kitchen Kettle website and social media and promoting the Village to anyone and everyone. 

November 22- Happy Thanksgiving! Since our founding in 1954, we’ve worked so hard to build great relationships with our employees and guests. Today we are thankful for the opportunity to build those relationships and be family to so many who have dedicated their time to helping make Kitchen Kettle Village so wonderful.

November 23- If you have been to the Village on a busy day, you have probably seen our parking lot team. They are truly an asset to the Village. Please continue to keep them safe and thank them for all their hard work.

November 24- Since today is Small Business Saturday it would only be fitting that we are thankful for all our locally made items. The variety of authentic locally made items you’ll find right here in our Village is almost limitless! Many of the shopkeepers in our 40 specialty shops make their items right here before your eyes. Or they purchase them from someone who makes them close by in Lancaster County. For a list of our locally made products click here: http://www.kitchenkettle.com/our-village/explore-local.asp

Small Business Saturday

November 25- Today we take a moment to give a shout out to the all those who have braved the elements and set up in our Pop Up Shop space.  We love having the ability to welcome new businesses to the Village and share their amazing locally made goodies with all our guests.

November 26- As you can imagine we have a lot of products to keep track of. We are lucky to have an awesome warehouse team who keeps it all organized!

November 27- We are thankful for all our guests, including the furry ones! Just a reminder that Kitchen Kettle Village is a pet friendly Village. Please do not leave your pets in the vehicle; we would love to see their furry faces! They can even take a buggy ride! All we ask is that you do not bring them into any of the food shops and check with shop staff before bringing them into other stores.

November 28- Kitchen Kettle has a great team of employees. We have a dedicated Human Resource Department who prides themselves on finding the best employees for the Village. Today we are thankful for our team of HR superstars! 

Job Fair


November 29- Relaxing in the quiet atmosphere of a small town makes a perfect Pennsylvania Dutch bed & breakfast experience after a day of shopping. Each of our rooms is special and unique. They’re tucked all around the Village in the coziest places. Today we are thankful for The Inn at Kitchen Kettle! 

inn at kitchen kettle village

November 30- It’s the last day of November, which ends our 30 Days of Thanks. Today we are endlessly thankful for someone who has worked here for 45 years and will be retiring at the end of December. Today we are thankful for Mike Sensenig! As the head of the Maintenance & grounds team and safety committee, he has be an integral part of the success of the Village. Thank you for all you do Mike! 

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