Village Quilts is proud to offer a colorful assortment of heirloom quilts that are available for you to purchase. Enjoy the selection below and call us for information and to find out what is so special about our quilts. What is shown here is only a fraction of the quilt inventory that we have in stock, call us at (717)768-2787 if you don't see what you're looking for below. We look forward to assisting you with the selection of an heirloom quilt to be cherished for years.

Autumn Churn Dash

Amish Lone Star

Curvy Log Cabin - Antique Repro Fabrics

Drunkard's Path

Colorwash Irish Chain

Double Nine Patch

Dogwood Wreath

Mini Rose of Sharon

Lone Star in Commons

Grape Wreath

Railroad Crossing

Spring Flowers

Spring Flower in Commons

Hearts Bouquet

Log Cabin-Traditional Amish Fabrics 

Stars over the Sea  SOLD

Stack & Whack

Star and Nine Patch Repro 30's

Star and Nine Patch - Classic

Double Wedding Ring

Wedding Star

Lone Star in Commons

St. Lucia Star

Baskets    SOLD

Harrison Rose

Grandma's Flower Garden

Jubilee - Bargello

Monet's Wedding Ring

Wish Upon A Star