Whether you're a group of girlfriends, a large family, a church group, a bus group, or any kind of group...add to your Lancaster County experience with our unique, hands-on tours!

Food Fight

Eat your way through our VillageIt's a battle of flavors: Sweet clashing with Sour, Salty fighting Sweet, Sweet vs. Savory, as you eat your way through our Village, experiencing locally-made regional treats of opposing flavors. We'll greet your group when you arrive and share a brief overview of our food flavor fight heritage before starting you on your self-guided adventure.
1 hour
Offered Mon.-Fri., March-Dec.

Enhance your experience by adding a light flavor-combo breakfast in our Kettle Cafe. Breakfast times available between 9:00 & 10:00 am (time to be determined when booking)

Clip Clop & Shop

Horse-drawn carriage tourEnjoy Kitchen Kettle Village like never before on this Lancaster County sensory experience. This unique tour includes shopping, a horse-drawn carriage ride through  Amish farms, an exclusive dinner, and a hands-on Lancaster County dessert experience!
4 hours beginning at 3pm
Offered May through October with a minimum of 20 people.

Quilt Shop Hop

Quilt Shop HopOur professional quilter takes you on a journey that's all about quilting, exploring fabrics, design, colors, stitches, sizing, and more! You'll visit several out-of-the-way quilt shops to find quilting treasures.
3-6 hours
Offered Mon.-Fri. at 10am.

A little something extra we offer...

Kitchen Chat

An interactive "chat" about the heritage of Kitchen Kettle Village and the small-batch canning process we still use today - all while watching local farm women "put up" jams and jellies in our kitchen.
Approx. 15 minutes
Offered by appointment

Quilt Chat

An introduction to quilts, how to create an heirloom, the difference between a quilt as an heirloom and as a souvenir. Questions encouraged. No question is too basic!
Approx. 15 minutes
Complimentary by request