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The Country Life Move

The Country Life Move

This Country Life store at Kitchen Kettle Village is moving to a new location!


We are moving the County Life shop to a new location within Kitchen Kettle Village. No need to worry...it is not going far, just across the parking lot! It will be located between Village Quilts & Ken's Gardens! Employees and guests alike are curious about how we will be physically moving the building. In an effort to keep everyone up-to-date on the construction and status of this project, we will be post photos a few times a week. The actual building is tentatively scheduled to move the week of January 28th, 2013. Keep checking back for new photos & status reports!

Derby Image    

Digging the new home of the Country Life - that is one large hole!

Lot's of preparations as we get ready to build the foundation for the Country Life's new home in the Village!           

Things are starting to take shape as the basement walls go up!


The Country Life buildning is being prepped for the move. That means removing the surrounding shrubbery, removing awnings and more. It looks like next this Thursday afternoon & Friday morning (1/31 & 2/1) will be when the building goes on wheels & starts to move!

More preparations to move the Country Life building. They are putting beams under the current building which will be elevated and put on wheels. Then eventually wheeled to the new location.
The Country Life building is being lifted up on steel beams in preparation of the big move which is tentatively scheduled for this Thursday afternoon, 1/31 and Friday morning, 2/1! What an exciting project to watch!
Tomorrow is the big day! Check out the Country Life 5 feet above the foundation. Wooden cribbing is holding the building up. It will then be lifted using a hydraulic jacking system and the wheels (shown on the back of the tractor trailer) will be placed underneath the buiding. At that point it is ready to be rolled across the parking lot. All the fun is scheduled to start between 10am & 11am on Thursday morning 1/31. On Friday morning, 2/1 the building will be placed on the new foundation.
The big move day is finally here and the building is currently in transit as it slowly makes its way the @60 yards to its new home!

The wheels were rolling and the building actually moved much quickier than anticipated to its new location!

The Country Life building was wheeled on to the new foundation. Work is being done to lower it on to the concrete blocks. It now stands between Ken's Garden's and Village Quilts. Kudos to Wolfe House Movers & the KKV Maintenance team for making such a huge project & move look easy!

The Country Life opened its doors again for business on March 2nd. Please stop in to see our new location and our wonderful assortment of spring merchandise. Hope to see you soon!